Why You Should Never Skip Leg Day

Legs are one of the major muscles in the human body. If you train in a gym, you’ve probably noticed that most guys don’t train their legs. You’ve probably noticed that people wait in line to train their upper body but you’ll not see any line to train the lower body. But people don’t understand that to grow your entire body, you need to train your entire body. You never have a strong body without a strong pair of legs. Leg training requires a great amount of intensity but remember the greater the challenge the greater the reward. If you focus on challenging your lower half as much as your upper half you’ll be rewarded with not just a bigger stronger fully well-rounded leg but the bigger stronger fully well-rounded body.

If you think a leg workout is not so important or you already have enough strength in your lower body. Before you make any wrong decision let me give you some mind-blowing benefits of leg workouts.


Proper posture is usually thought of as a spinal injury/issue, but the injury or issue starts at the feet. Weak glutes cause the lower back and hamstrings to work harder, causing tight hip flexors that pull on the lumbar spine (lower back) and can lead to an anterior pelvic tilt.

This means your hips will start to rotate forwards. This protrudes the abdomen, puts excess strain on the abdominal wall, and can lead to your kidneys, increasing blood pressure and decreasing blood flow. We all know what that leads to. My advice is to start your leg workout today.


Doing leg workouts can stimulate the release of a large number of hormones. It helps to produce hormones such as CORTISOL, TESTOSTERONE, HUMAN GROWTH HORMONES (HGH).

Cortisol helps your body to respond to stress and increase fat metabolism. Testosterone helps your body to repair damaged muscle proteins and build skeletal muscle. Human growth hormones promote muscle growth, boosts immunity, and boost fat metabolism.

A person with regular leg exercise will obviously build more muscle mass than who avoids it. Having great legs will turn you into a beast. Ladies do not be afraid of a leg workout. You will not turn into a man, you will build a great pair of legs that are perfect for bikini season. Prepare to slay in the summer; start your squats today.


Athletes understand the importance of having a strong, flexible lower body. You are more resistant to injury. When training legs, make sure to train your quads, hamstrings, and glutes equally to prevent quad dominance or imbalances that can lead to injury. Having a well-developed lower body lessens the chance of you running into the target and pulling a hamstring because of weaknesses. It’s time to start your leg workout.


Most people who don’t train their legs and work only on their upper body get “CHICKEN LEGS”.  There is a possibility you may turn into Johnny Bravo. It is not a good time to be a cartoon character, and it is not cute. A strong lower body will enhance your physique, making you look stronger all around.

chicken leg
Johnny Bravo


The exercises that exert the most calories and offer the most benefits are squats, deadlifts, hip bridges, and all variations in relation. The large muscles in your lower body burn more calories, build up more lactic acid, and ultimately speed up fat loss.

A study On physiology tracked athletes’ energy expenditure and metabolism after a series of heavy resistance moves. Their results showed that after 90 minutes of training (including compound lifts such as squats and deadlifts), athletes’ metabolic rates – the amount of energy increases considerably.


  • If you skip leg day, your upper body will be way bigger than your lower body. Then you look like SpongeBob. Trust me, It’s not a good look.
chicken leg
  • It’s unhealthy for your body, because it plays with your balance, and puts pressure on your lower body because it doesn’t have enough muscle to hold up your upper body.
  • It messes with your performance. Your thighs are part of your core muscles, and if they’re small, your core strength decreases. That means you can barely jump, and it’s hard for you to turn to run in bursts. It also strains your body if you try long runs. If you don’t train your calves as well, it’s the same, but you will have no endurance in your legs at all.

If you continue skipping leg day, you will end up with a lovely large defined chest, back and arms, and skinny toothpick legs. Is that what you really want?


If you’re experiencing a cold, sore throat then you can work out but reduce the intensity and duration. If you have a high fever or extensive muscle pain then don’t do the workout take complete rest till you recover as doing a workout will slow down your recovery.

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