Triceps Pain Relief Stretches & Exercises

Symptoms –

Normal pain, weakness, and a slight or more tightness in the triceps muscle are the most common symptoms of  triceps tendonitis. And it will increase with time, especially when you perform some actions such as pushing or pulling with your arm. You may encounter some other problems or symptoms as well which are –

  • Swelling in the muscles occasionally.
  • Crackling sound or sensation in the triceps muscle.
  • Achiness around the triceps muscles or the neighbor muscles near and related to triceps muscles.

Learn this article till the very to get triceps pain relief stretches & exercises.

triceps pain relief stretches

When to consult with a doctor –

  • When your symptoms are not improving with time after performing the remedies such as – icing, avoiding muscle use, or after performing the stretches and exercises.
  • When your symptoms are getting worse.
  • The swell remains for a longer period like days or redness in the muscle.

There are more symptoms that can’t be ignored such as tendon tear, muscle fracture, and osteoarthritis. If you face any of these symptoms then you should visit a doctor ASAP.

  • What can cause the pain or injury –

A sudden impact or movement can be the reason. A forcible contraction in the triceps muscle or in the biceps muscle can pass the pressure on different muscles to balance the weight can also be the reason. Some pushing movements like bench press or push-ups sometimes create this issue.

2 Simple & Easy exercises to do at Home –



1. Dog Triceps Extensions

You can perform this exercise on the bed, floor, or wherever you are comfortable.

  • First, come down to a regular cat/dog yoga position.
  • Keep your hands straight and then lower your elbows.
  • Elbows should be going inwards not outwards.
  • Do 5-10 repetitions of this exercise.
  • And perform this exercise multiple times a day.

2. Knee Push-ups

Again you can perform this exercise on one bed, floor, mat, or wherever you are comfortable.

  • Come down on the mat in a regular push-ups position.
  • Now lower down your knees and fold your limbs.
  • This may be tough but it is very effective.
  • Now just perform regular push-ups on knees but slower than normal.
  • Always engage your core, elbows inward around 45 degrees.
  • Perform 5-10 repetitions and you can do this one also multiple times in a day.

Note :

If you will feel more pain after or while doing any one of the exercises then do another one, and if you are feeling pain while doing both of them then don’t do it visit a doctor without delaying further. Just follow the given exercises & stretches for triceps pain relief. Check this article to know should we work out if we have a cold. 

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