Increase Flexibility & Immunity

Complete course for strong immunity and flexibility.

Only Takes 8 Weeks To Make Your Immunity Stronger. Get Fit By Doing No Equipment Exercises At Your Place.

Hi Guys I Am Vishal, Co-Founder Of STHX WORLD And A Calisthenics Athlete. I Am Here To Give You My Best Flexibility And Immunity Booster Workout Program. In This COVID Situation, We All Are So Much Worried About Our Health. So, I Decided To Throw A Class Of My Best Workout Plan For Increasing Our Immunity And Flexibility.

My Sister-In-Law Was Corona Positive To Take Care Ofher I Spent At Least 3 Hours Every Day In A COVID Ward For A Week. But I Didn’t Get Corona Because My Immunity Is Strong Enough To Deal With It.

You Have A Chance To Work On Your Immunity and Flexibility In Live Classes With Other People. It’sa No-Equipment Workout. So It Will Also Be Fun. This Is My Personal Favorite Workout Program. Just Not Because It Focuses On Our Immunity. It Is A Fun Workout, It’s Challenging And It Also Sets An Aim for Us To Achieve.

Let’s See What We Are Getting In These Fabulous Classes –

● You’ll Be Trained With Professional Calisthenics athletes

● It’s An 8-Week Course

● In This Course, We Will Be Targeting Our Immunity and Flexibility.

● Every Class Will Take 45 Minutes To 1 Hour.

Coming soon - Bodyweight strength training

Course module

Week 1


Week 2

Best Yoga Poses to Boost your Immunity

week 3

Lifestyle Tips to Boost your Immunity

week 4

Strength Training to Boost your Immunity

week 5

Best Yoga Poses to Increase Flexibility

week 6

The Flexibility Workout

week 7

Full Body Stretches

Week 8

Some Pain Relief Stretches

My journey started when I met Vishal, he is doing calisthenics for the past two years and then I joined him. He & his team guide me as a family member & help me to transform myself they completely changed my lifestyle. I have learned a lot from Vishal & his team. Back then I was 96 kg but I'm 65kg. It all happened because of them. Thank you so much!
Anand Kumar