Perfect squats

How To Do Squats

Learn how to do squats with this article. By the end of this article you’ll also learn the right way and the wrong way to do squats and tips that will help you avoid squat mistakes and correct your squat form.

Squats is lower body exercise. You can do this with your bodyweight and with some additional weights too. It depends on your goals. If you only want to keep your legs fit and do some balancing work then bodyweight squat is enough but if you want to boost strength, explosiveness or maximize your muscle mass then you do need additional weights because you need specific intensity in order to reach your goals. Bodyweight squats are limited to pistol squat as the variation with the highest intensity. It helps strengthen the calves, quads, adductors, hamstrings, lower back, core, and glutes but if you are a beginner and don’t know how to do proper squat then may you injured your knees and back. In this article, you will learn, practice, and master squats in a few simple steps.

Always focus before squat –

  • Always pay attention on your breathing and never hold your breath while doing squats.
  • Start with a good warm up and mobility work. Focus on your most important joint which is your ankles, wrist, thoracis and cervical spine.
  • After that also prepare your knees, hips, shoulders and arms in order to be able your foot potential.

Step by step instructions –

  1. Stand tall and look straight.
  2. Always put your back straight, start by putting your feet little bit wider than shoulder-width apart and point your toes slightly outwards about 15 degrees.
  3. Engage your core, focus on breathing inhale and push your butt out and start bending your knees.
  4. Your weight should be on your heels not on toes.
  5. Then come back to the starting position. Perform this exercise slowly to get effective result.

If your butt is below your knees then you are doing perfect squats if not then you are doing partial squats. Don’t go below 90 degree if you’ve knee problem or pain. If you are having trouble going down then use a brick or block because you don’t have enough ankle mobility to go down but in time your ankle will be mobile and you can easily go down until then use a brick and slowly do squats do 3 – 4 sets and 10-15 reps in every single set.

Common mistakes –

  • First mistake people do is they bend their knees in order to do squats and they put pressure on their knees. Just easily go down and sit back. Make sure your weight should be on your heels.

Mistake squate 01

  • Don’t bend your back . Always put your back straight. Stand tall and look straight.

mistake of squat 02

  • Don’t lift your heels off the ground. Always keep your heels on the ground.

Mistake of squat 03

  • Don’t let your knees go inside. Point your toes and knees slightly outwards about 15 degrees.

Mistake of squat 04

Benefits Of Squats –

  • Tone the muscles.
  • Build muscles strength.
  • Make real-life activities much easier.
  • Improves stamina.
  • Prevent injuries.
  • Help flush out the toxins.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Increase flexibility.
  • Help build core strength.
  • Improves posture.
  • Strengthen the bones and joints.
  • Help burn the fat.
If you are having trouble doing squats then work on your mobility and perform this exercise slowly in time you’ll get it. Just believe in yourself and trust the process.

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