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Easy & Effective Way to Increase Your Push-ups

Learn how to do more push ups with this complete tutorial. In this post i’m going to talk about push ups and how to increase reps of push ups. So, Read this article till the very end.

push-up  is a common but very effective exercise beginning from the prone position . By raising and lowering the body using the arms & the shoulder . It benefits the pectoral muscles, triceps , anterior deltoids & shoulder muscles too . Push-up is not that much easy exercise but it can be performed anywhere without any equipment with an ease .



There are lots of benefits of doing push-ups. Here are 5 massive benefits of push-ups-


  1. Increase Functional Strength via Full Body Activation.
  2. Helps in creating Balance & Stability.
  3. It helps in building ARM , SHOULDER & CORE.
  4. Push-up helps in increasing HGH (Human Growth Hormone).
  5. Corrects the body posture.



If you want to increase your push-up numbers then first work on your mistake which may be you were not aware about . If you are performing push-ups in a regular basis and still not able to increase the number of push-ups OR you are having problem while performing push up then you might be doing these mistakes:


  • Placing your hands wrong.

push up mistake

  •  Making an agle of 90 degrees from elbows while performing push-ups. While doing push-ups always remember that your elbows should be in and about 45-degrees (like an “arrow”, not a “T”) from your body. Always make sure your shoulders are down and away from ears.

push up mistakes


perfect push up
Your elbows should be in and about 45-degrees.
  • Doing half reps instead of doing full reps.

push up mistakes


Push up mistakes

  •  Lacking full range of motion means doing push like half reps. Always go down slowly and touch your chest or nose to the ground then comeback to the starting position.
Correct way to do push up
Always do push-up like this.
  • Not keeping your body straight.
correct posture of push up
Always keep your body straight like this.

How to Do a Perfect Push-Up –


    1. Get down on the floor or matt , placing your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.
    2. Straighten your arms and legs.
    3. Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor.
    4. Take a Pause, then push yourself back up in the starting position.
    5. Repeat.



After reading till here now you must knew what are the major things you should focus on or the mistakes you may be doing. Now let’s get started on ” how to do more number of push-ups ? ”  .

Here we will focus on those key 4 elements which will definitely help you increasing number of push-ups –



The very first thing to focus is proper form & full range of motion .

Correct way to do push up
Full range of motion.

Proper form refers to the correct posture which you should maintain while performing push-up. This will not only help you in increasing the number of push-ups and gaining strength but this will also help you in preventing injuries .

To achieve the proper posture you should only maintain a straight line from your head to heels supported by your tip toes . And just maintain this posture while going down and coming back up to the initial position .Also focus on your palms position it should be wider than your shoulder and don’t let your elbows go wide and making an angle of 90 degree .Engage your core & glutse at the same time so that not only proper form is achieved but you can gain strength all over your body by doing only push-ups .

Proper form of push up
Proper form of push up

Full range of motion refers to maintaining the the correct posture of the exercise and then performing the push-up with proper flow , arms fully extended when you’re up and then chest just a little bit upper than the ground when you’re down with elbows making a 45 degree angle .Always train in the full range of motion. This builds muscle memory and strength throughout the entire movement  .

Always focus on quality of repetition not on quantity for FAST GROWTH


This is very effective way to increase the number of push-up.What you have to do is just perform the amount of push-up you were doing in regular basis but this time check the time you are taking to perform the push-up. Then perform the same number of push-up in less than the time you recorded .

Example:- You are doing 15 push-ups in 20 seconds then try to do the same 15 push-ups in 18 seconds or 16 seconds and don’t forget to do the exercises in full range of motion and maintain the correct posture also .Or you can increase the number of push-ups also in the same amount of time , let’s say you are doing 15 push-ups in 20 seconds then try to do 18 -20 push-ups in 20 seconds.

By doing this you are putting more pressure on your chest & shoulder muscles which will help them grow faster and in result you will be able to increase the number of push-ups .


This is the best way to increase the number of push-up. The only focus is to put more pressure on the muscles which are responsible in performing the push-ups .You’ll need a weighted vest or weight plates , I’ll consider weighted vest because it is more stable and convenient.

Weighted push up

Now just putt on some weights , start with lesser weight and then increase the weight in time .And then use it while doing the exercise with proper form and full range of motion .This time do push-up in sets and increase your sets too , start from 2-3 set and then go for 3-4 sets.

By doing push-up with weights you’ll surely get the wanted results . And in just few weeks you’ll definitely see a massive result.

  • REST

This is very crucial part not only for push-up but for every exercise .You should take 30 seconds to 1 minute of rest between every exercise , you can also go for 2 minute of rest if you just started .


Their is a biological reason which every one should know , our muscles grow when the tissues in them grow  and that will not happen in a minute . To grow your muscle tissues you have to give time to your muscles so that they can recover .When we do workout our muscles stretch and that destroys the tissue in them and then with time the destroyed tissues got healed and grow more which in result make the muscles stronger .


It prevents muscle fatigue too , keep in mind that their is a glycogen level in your muscles which got reduced when we do workout and with time these glycogen stores get replaced .If not then you may have to face muscle fatigue or soreness in them .

Always give your body 2 days of rest after a hardcore push-up day . This will definitely help you improving your performance .

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