Bodyweight Strength Training (Coming Soon)

So, guys finally wait is over I have started working on my book, and soon you’ll get the copy.

Chapter 1: What is a calisthenics and How to start it
Chapter 2: Basics fundamentals of calisthenics
Chapter 3: Difference between bodyweight workout and gym
Chapter 4: Intermediate calisthenics
Chapter 5: Advanced calisthenics
Chapter 6: Explosive calisthenics
Chapter 7: Most popular skills of calisthenics
Chapter 8: Common injuries
Chapter 9: Equipment for calisthenics
Chapter 10: Benefits of calisthenics

Your bodyweight training guide will be all about the home workouts. Anybody can do it anywhere anytime. You don’t have to any buy a membership for gyms. Just by following the guide step by step anybody can easily achieve their fitness goals. Now, nobody can say when some new viruses will come, and again the gym will be shut down for a long time. So, it’s better to start right now with bodyweight training.

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